A Very Blessed Ministry

“Despite I have just begun my 10th year settling back in Hong Kong, I have never felt disconnected from the church and the Chinese Catholic community in Toronto, especially through FLL. I remember it was very exciting when I learned that FLL was formed, the first episode was made, the first TV episode was aired, the first radio show was broadcasted…and so on.

I think I helped FLL to record my first radio clip back in 2009 August and have been recording one clip every summer that I come back. Throughout these years, I can see how FLL have grown both professionally and spiritually. That year in particular, I still have the vivid memory that the heavy rain ceased for a few hours just for the FLL golf tournament. FLL is truly blessed with God’s abundance grace.

Whenever the opportunity arises in Hong Kong, I voluntarily act as an advocate for the richness of resources that FLL has produced to proclaim the Good News and to foster Catholic values to my friends and my church group.

May God continue to bestow His blessings and grace to FLL, the fellow ministry workers and volunteers. You are not just serving the immediate Chinese Catholic community in Toronto or North America, but around the world. “

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