Against all odds

I realized after a pilgrimage to Medjugorje how important and difficult the mission of evangelization is. You may say I got a calling. I decided to join FLL. At first I just wanted to volunteer, and coincidentally (as if by fate), they were offering a TV production course at that time so I jumped in. And since then, I have been helping FLL produce their shows. It may amaze you that most TV productions on TV elsewhere are done by a large team of staff members but miraculously almost all shows on FLL are produced by volunteers and some shows are done by one person from pre- to post-production. We contribute our ideas, our time, our energy to a good cause: to bring God’s people back to His church.

Hence I feel quite discouraged by the current events surrounding FLL and it makes me wonder: Is our church a hypocritical church? At the end of every mass, the priest tells us “Go in peace to love and serve the Lord.” and yet in reality it seems some ministers hoard that power or freedom. Do lay people really have no freedom or right to evangelize? In a church where the pope encourages unity and compassion and inclusiveness, it seems some of its ministers are doing the opposite. How can the lay catholics’ voices be heard if they are repeatedly silenced?

Frankly I can tell you I am not someone with strong faith. However I do believe actions are stronger than words. I do believe that He is watching us. May He bless all who strive against the current, to do what is right, in His name, and help us to spread His love, even when it’s entirely against the odds.

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