God’s calling

A few years ago, I’ve heard Fountain of Love and Life’s name, but I’ve never watched their programs, as I don’t have Chinese TV channel at home. I’ve also heard about the FLL fundraising Gala from my church bulletin. Since I knew nothing nor anybody about this ministry, the thought of going was only a thought. By the time I acted on it, the seats were already filled.

One year, I finally managed to attend the Gala. It was the first time I saw Paul Yeung, the face of FLL. He showed himself an genuine and enthusiastic gentleman. His speech was powerful and persuasive. He urged all lay Catholic to help in spreading the God’s message, in order to help more people to know God and return to God.

The following year, 2010, when I spotted the ad in the same church bulletin of a TV production workshop by FLL, I jumped to it right away, dragging my reluctant husband along.
I don’t know why I insisted on joining, albeit our full-time workload and busy schedule with other activities and commitment. I would say it’s God’s calling.

After the Workshop, we stayed on in the TV production team. Apart from on-going technical training, FLL organized retreats and faith formations for its volunteers, to clarify and harden our faith.

I got to know Paul better, and saw that he is humble, full of wisdom, yet extremely kind-hearted. I also witnessed how hard Paul and his small team of staff/volunteers had worked to produce the weekly episodes for viewers to enjoy and ponder. I was grateful that God had chosen me to be His tool. I will soldiered on with Paul Yeung and the Fountain of Love and Life team to spread His words.

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