Support from Hong Kong

Thanks God for sending off a group of his keen followers — Paul, Bonny, Roque and many others — to spark off this gracious project of evangelization to global Chinese communities some nine years ago through the FLL. From an endearing friend, I came to learn of the productions of this passionate and visionary team, and had the chance to watch their sharing through internet in Hong Kong. Members that I know on this team all work wholeheartedly for God, exercising extreme care in the use of the limited resources they had, often covering costs out of their own pockets, and deploying their best talents, to produce the programmes. None of them ask for any personal benefits in the course. What they do is merely for the sake of God. Can anyone no t be touched by such unreserved devotion to God?

The personal experience of each of the interviewees in the production speaks for themselves the greatness of God. There is no boundary for this, be it in Canada, in Hong Kong or in the rest of the world. FLL’s work reminds many who have gone astray to consolidate and to be back on the right track, following closely the steps of Jesus. Viewing the programmes give us renewed encouragement, inspiration and courage to face our own challenges. The truthful and concise capturing and recording of the holy experience of each one in the production is a very worthwhile and successful attempt. The professional production, the intimate personal sharing, the attention to each minute detail in the FLL programmes is a just piece of art for God.

Thanks again to the FLL team. And thanks to God for gathering this group of talents within His plan to start off this project. I look forward to their continued efforts in producing more inspiring programmes for the Chinese communities in every corner of the world.

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